Biologists Trip

I just want to enjoy myself… I want  to remember the happy moments we’ve shared. Those moments that hard to forget, and of course to be treasured  forever and I assure you that none of them will be put into oblivion! I am missing you guys, so I decided to post  another one. 🙂

We were so excited to have our dinner at that time, all of us were starving and longing for food and get some drinks. Then, our very friendly Professor who was with us, decided to stopped at Penong’s, just facing Davao City’s People’s Park. We’re so delighted knowing that the restaurant offered unlimited rice 😀 and their grilled pork… was very tasty indeed! After eating, we immediately headed People’s Park, in there, we observed a lot of couples dating while listening to the music that can be heard throughout the park.  Some people were so busy capturing pictures – anyway,  no doubt, that place was enticingly wonderful and perfect for spending time with the entire family.

Such happy faces… 🙂

An Unforgettable Trip to Eden Garden

Let me share with you how beautiful is Eden garden…from it’s stunning views, and enticingly wonderful flowers in different colors, several species of plants and animals plus the chilling weather!.. Eden, is also a perfect place to unwind and to be alone, to celebrate special days and holidays with your loved ones. No wonder, a lot of people would love to see the natural beauty of this place!

Behind me is the Tinubdan....

With the Biologists!… 🙂


This one really caught my attention!

Pool of Eden…

The Vital Role of the Minute Creatures

This is just a continuation of the last one I wrote…In there, I mentioned about Zooplankton – my undergrad thesis.

Zooplankton – Are you aware with what these creatures all about? How about their significance to our environment? Have you ever had the chance to know the importance of these minute creatures? Maybe some of you…But let me tell you the vital role of these microscopic organisms, and what they can contribute for maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Zooplankton plays a vital role to our ecosystem as they serve as the main source of food to fishes and other larger aquatic organisms. Fishes greatly relies on Zooplankton density and distribution in terms of survival. Thus, these minute creatures significantly constitutes in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Here’s the photograph of Zooplankton I viewed…

And here’s my study area..

I really missed that area! 😦

Reminiscing my College Life

I am thinking on what to write for today, something different and maybe new. I kept on thinking, suddenly, I recalled my college life. Reminiscing  of what you have fulfilled, is a great feeling! Then, I remembered my undergrad thesis, it’s an assessment of  Zooplankton in a certain river, my study area was located particularly in the mouth of the river.

Here’s the view of the river…

This river is also a good source of fishes.

My classmate, holding on a plankton net.

At the end of the river, lies the stunning view of the sea…

The place was so relaxing…maybe one of this days, I’ll bring my family in there! Hopefully, we could have the chance…


Floating Homes in Marin

Floating Homes are one of the many wonderful things in Marin County. It fills a need in Marin for more affordable housing opportunities. Today, living aboard with a floating home is a clear lifestyle choice made by people in all walks of life.

Marin County’s thriving floating community consists of thousands of homes. Some of those homeowners are belong to the Floating Homes Association. Many floating home owners in Marin chose to remain in their floating home so they would be close to nature and natural surroundings. Front yard comes alive with ducks, pelicans, herons, egrets and other colorful birds of different sizes. Houseboat dwellers are attracted to plants, flowers and fun, so the docks are lined with hundreds-of yards of beautiful container gardens filled with an incredible variety of plants and flowers in all colors, sizes and shapes, along with Buddhas and whimsical creatures. Having a good weather, the breeze of the fresh air from the sea, and the beautiful sunset increases the interest of the many home buyers.

Marin Floating Homes are an exciting opportunity to experience waterfront living. The beauty of the sea and glorious sunsets and by welcoming people of this wonderful community – home buyer would have an amazing living experience.

Are you curious about what it is like to live on the water in one of the most unique communities in bay area? Come, Marin County is one of the best places that you could choose from!

Come to think of it, life isn’t the same when you live surrounded by water!

A Floating Home

The Beautiful Marin County

Are you looking for the best place to live with, to unwind, or even to spend your vacation?I have an idea! Marin County is the place that you are longing for.It is located in the North of San Francisco Bay Area, this place has a vast area with an amazing tourist spots. Hotels, townhouses or condos,very large hotel with a very nice accommodation plus delicious foods to offer. Marin County has floating homes also for those who wants to experience the life living surrounded with waters. Living in these kind of homes, feel like you are close to the nature and so with the natural surroundings.

So what are you waiting for! Come and visit Marin County, to experience living in a beautiful place like Marin…

Marin County: One of the most beautiful places in California


Marin County is a county located in the North San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S. state of California, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Living in this beautiful place would have many benefits. It’s ambiance and views could attract home buyers to settle and buy homes in Marin. The beautiful sunset from the bay area, the breeze of fresh air from the sea, and the smell of the different grown flowers with different colors adds beauty to the area.The scenic roads and Marin County’s natural sites makes Marin County one of the most beautiful places in California.Marin county is considered in the California Floristic Province, a zone of extremely high biodiversity and endemicism.

If you’ll decide to move to Marin for a living and for good, and will look for a Real Estate, I know a reliable person that can help you!

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