This is just a continuation of the last one I wrote…In there, I mentioned about Zooplankton – my undergrad thesis.

Zooplankton – Are you aware with what these creatures all about? How about their significance to our environment? Have you ever had the chance to know the importance of these minute creatures? Maybe some of you…But let me tell you the vital role of these microscopic organisms, and what they can contribute for maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Zooplankton plays a vital role to our ecosystem as they serve as the main source of food to fishes and other larger aquatic organisms. Fishes greatly relies on Zooplankton density and distribution in terms of survival. Thus, these minute creatures significantly constitutes in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Here’s the photograph of Zooplankton I viewed…

And here’s my study area..

I really missed that area! 😦