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Biologists Trip

I just want to enjoy myself… I want  to remember the happy moments we’ve shared. Those moments that hard to forget, and of course to be treasured  forever and I assure you that none of them will be put into oblivion! I am missing you guys, so I decided to post  another one. 🙂

We were so excited to have our dinner at that time, all of us were starving and longing for food and get some drinks. Then, our very friendly Professor who was with us, decided to stopped at Penong’s, just facing Davao City’s People’s Park. We’re so delighted knowing that the restaurant offered unlimited rice 😀 and their grilled pork… was very tasty indeed! After eating, we immediately headed People’s Park, in there, we observed a lot of couples dating while listening to the music that can be heard throughout the park.  Some people were so busy capturing pictures – anyway,  no doubt, that place was enticingly wonderful and perfect for spending time with the entire family.

Such happy faces… 🙂


An Unforgettable Trip to Eden Garden

Let me share with you how beautiful is Eden garden…from it’s stunning views, and enticingly wonderful flowers in different colors, several species of plants and animals plus the chilling weather!.. Eden, is also a perfect place to unwind and to be alone, to celebrate special days and holidays with your loved ones. No wonder, a lot of people would love to see the natural beauty of this place!

Behind me is the Tinubdan....

With the Biologists!… 🙂


This one really caught my attention!

Pool of Eden…